ABTL - Association of Business Trial Lawyers


Northern California

Benefits of ABTL Membership and ABTL Firm Group Membership

  • JOIN other Northern California business litigators.  Virtually all Bay Area firms that have substantial business litigation practices are group members and are acknowledged on the ABTL website as law firm group members/supporters.
  • ASSURE that you and all of your Northern California litigators have access to the ABTL’s high quality dinner programs and receive the ABTL Report.
  • DINNER PROGRAMS - Six dinner programs per year with leading judges and business trial lawyers addressing important business litigation issues 
    • The highest level of attorney and judge presentations
    • The most timely and interesting programs on issues of the day
    • CLE credit at a substantially lower rate than most CLE programs
  • NETWORKING with other lawyers and judges in an environment that is conducive to getting to know your colleagues and adversaries in the legal community, as well as the opportunity to introduce your firm’s younger lawyers to other lawyers and judges in a collegial setting.
  • ABTL REPORT - High quality and timely articles by judges and specialists in your area of practice.
    • Group membership is 20% less per lawyer than individual memberships
    • Group membership provides a $15 membership discount for dinner programs
    • Discounted tables of ten allow interaction not only among lawyers at your firm, but also with judges and public lawyers who may be seated at your table.
  • THE ABTL IS UNIQUE in providing a forum in which litigators and judges meet together to address issues important to business trial lawyers. Judicial participation in ABTL programs and events is very strong, in part, because the ABTL includes all business litigators, including both plaintiff-focused and defense-focused practices.
  • GROUP MEMBERSHIP is a tradition worth honoring by signing up all of your Northern California litigators NOW! See our Law Firm Group Members List.